Rob Williams interview. We were able to catch up to Rob Williams in between recording sessions and gigs to get a glimpse into the emerging blues artist's life and times. 
Who are your major influences in your style?
Rob: Carl Perkins was a big influence in the early days of my playing. My mother had these 45's lying around and i used to listen to them all. BB King later became my major influence. in the Late 80's and early 90's, SRV became my idol. I tried to emulate my playing after his. I later began to incorporate my own style and realized i had a unique playing style. I built my sound from all of these influences. Tommy Castro, Albert King and then a young Joe Bonamassa became a major influence. Kenny Wayne Shepards style also creeped into my tone.
How did you learn to play guitar?
Rob: I was completely self taught. I would build my own guitars which were bad but i learned on those until my mother bought me an acoustic for christmas. I played in gospel church groups with that guitar and was friends with a musical family who taught me chords and scales. I then got a les paul copy guitar that i played in bands until i was 14. 
But now you play a Stratocaster, why the change?

I switched to Fenders in the 90's. I loved the tones i could get out of them. Les pauls are great and have a unique sound. The Strat i play now is modified with a seymour duncan SB Jr in the bridge and a texas hot in the neck. I can get a lot of different tones with the combination. I pair that into my Fender Blues Jr with a tubescreamer.
What is in the future for you?
Rob: my new project, "the bluesdrivers" is exciting and geared towards modern blues/rock with undertones of old school blues. John Hicks on Harmonica adds so much to the band. 
 Chris Sanders, Blues Times